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Reece Koufalis 
Founder, Designer, Production Manager

9 Years in Business

The founder and designer of Eceer Company, Reece Koufalis, is a young student who loves working with his hands and anything to do with business. Reece embarked on his woodworking journey in grade 6 and hasn't stopped since.

Recognizing his talent and passion, Reece decided to turn his hobby into a business. He invested countless hours into perfecting his craft and his willingness to embrace challenges has made him the entrepreneur he is today.

Over the past nine years in business, Reece has developed his creativity and production capabilities in order to continue the growth of Eceer Company. The products have become much higher in quality and increasingly well designed and are now available in retail stores throughout B.C. Canada.



Where did the name Eceer come from?

Well, back in 2014, Reece was starting his small business and needed a name for it, something that was meaningful and unique.


After many ideas and alterations, the idea that stuck was to turn his name backwards from Reece to Eceer. And that was it, a unique name that makes everyone question its origin.


Our Mission

To produce the most creative and high quality wood products that will bring joy to families around the world.

To design lasting and meaningful products which will provide beautiful accents to any home.

Provide one of a kind works of art, using exotic and reclaimed wood.


Growth Over 8 Years

Using a collection of woodworking machines we are able to create the wonderful products as seen in our shop page. Over numerous years we've accumulated a large assortment of power tools. This has allowed us to increase quantity and quality of our products. 

Behind The Scenes

Reece has grown his business from selling at small craft fairs to having products in multiple retail stores around B.C. Canada. He takes great satisfaction in building the wood creations which he is now able to sell to people around the world. The creative and hands on approach is what drives Reece to continue his passion.


Coming from a family of entrepreneurs has made him realize how much commitment goes into building a business and how many obstacles there are to achieving success. Though in past experiences, these obstacles have made the greatest impact on his ability to solve problems.  

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